NeWay’s executive team and advisory board is comprised of thought leaders, real estate development professionals and successful entrepreneurs with first-hand experience creating value for communities and investors alike.

NeWay is a service mark owned by NeWay Capital, LLC.

Executive Team        Advisory Board  


Erick A. Brimen

CEO & Chairman of the Board

A proven finance professional, team leader and serial entrepreneur, Erick is passionate about investing in life-enhancing opportunities that further human flourishing. Read More


Dr. Titus Gebel

COO & CLO / Board Member

A lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Titus founded and sold several successful companies. Now as a private investor, Titus has turned his focus on building value in the creation of new empowered communities. Read More


Gabriel Delgado

CRO / Advisory Board Member

A prolific serial entrepreneur, Gabriel has brought to market 15 successful ventures across a variety or tech and finance related fields. He believes that same spirit of entrepreneurship and its interactions will foster personal growth, value creation, job opportunities and a prospering citizenry. Read More


Rodrigo Quercia

CFO and Board Member

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Rodrigo saw first-hand how devastating poverty can be. His fascination with political philosophy and economics led to the realization that the optimization of jurisdictional systems is crucial to humanity, and likely the only pathway to unleashing accelerated and sustainable prosperity around the world. Read More


Tom Murcott

Advisory Board Member & Development Officer

A seasoned veteran of the marketing and real estate development spheres, Tom has a proven track record of bringing multi-billion dollar master-planned developments from inception to reality. Read More


Nick Dranias

General Counsel

Dranias serves as NeWay’s General Counsel, handling all corporate legal matters. Prior to this, he was Senior Litigation Counsel with the Government Accountability & Special Litigation Unit of the Arizona Attorney General. He also serves as Policy Advisor and Research Fellow with the Heartland Institute, as an expert and Speaker’s Bureau member with the Federalist Society, a Law and Civil Liberties Speaker for Students for Liberty, a Council of Scholars member with Compact for America Educational Foundation, as well as an Adjunct Instructor teaching Business Ethics and Law at Grand Canyon University. Read More



Oliver Porter 

City Management
Board Member

Oliver Porter is an expert in the field of city governance with years of experience developing innovative public-private partnerships for cities. Porter is the founder of Silver Springs, Georgia, and has catalyzed the creation of several new cities based upon his new model of public-private partnerships around the world.
Joel Bomgar 

Policy and Industry
Board Member

Joel Bomgar founded Bomgar Corporation in 2003. He is an entrepreneur, and in 2015 he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives. He serves on the Judiciary Committee, where he has co-authored legislation that expands criminal justice reform and brings transparency to civil asset forfeiture in the state. Representative Bomgar serves as the Vice Chair of the Medicaid Committee, and he also serves on committees for Education, Drug Policy, and Corrections.
Shanker Singham

International Trade and Law

Shanker Singham is the Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit (ITCU) of the Institute of Economic Affairs. As one of the world’s leading international trade experts and competition lawyers, he has worked on the privatization of the UK electricity market, the transition of Central and Eastern European economies to capitalism and trade liberalization in Latin America.

James Tooley 


James Tooley is a professor of education policy at Newcastle University. He is the director of the E. G. West Centre, which is dedicated to choice, competition, and entrepreneurship in education. He has done extensive work in demonstrating the benefits of private education for low-income families. Much of his work has focused on identifying ways to make private education more accessible especially among the poor. Tooley has worked for over 25 years in educational development, including years of on-location experience in the developing world. His books include The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey Into How the World’s Poorest People Are Educating Themselves (2009) and The Miseducation of Women (2003). Tooley currently lives in Hyderabad, India, where he continues his lifelong work on educating the world’s poor.

Patrik Schumacher 

Urban Development and Design​

Patrik Schumacher is a Principal Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects in London. Schumacher has a PhD in philosophy as well as an architecture degree. Schumacher has been teaching at a variety of architectural schools in Britain, Continental Europe, and the USA since 1992. He also founded the “Design Research Laboratory” at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, and continues to serve as one of its co-directors.
Mark D. Scraba 

(RET. GEN) Security and Preparedness

Mark D. Scraba is a former senior advisor to President Donald Trump. He served the National Security Council and the Department of Defense for transition teams, with a focus on counter transnational threat strategy and policy. Mark served as the director of the US Joint Interagency Counter Trafficking Center (JICTC) where he built and led a new United States multi-agency enterprise to counter transitional organized crime. Scraba has previously acted as the Director of the US European Partnership Task Force as well as Director of the National Guard Bureau Strategy, Plans, Policy and International Affairs Directorate for the Pentagon.
Jan Michael Dieckmann 

Local Politics and Strategy

Michael Dieckmann is the Corporate Manager of Electronics and New Ventures for Inversiones La Paz SA. As Corporate Manager, Michael is responsible for Jetstereo SA the largest electronics distributor in Honduras serving both retail and B2B markets, the ALDO brand shoes stores for all of Central America, and the development of new investment opportunities for Inversiones La Paz. He also serves as the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Michael Dieckmann is the president of Fundación Para la Educación Ricardo Ernesto Maduro Andreu FEREMA, one of the leading education NGOs in the country. FEREMA seeks to coordinate efforts with other NGOs and international aid agencies in order to ensure that governments have consistent education policies focused on long term objectives.

Jonathan Swanson 

Governance and Technology

Jonathan Swanson is Co-founder and President of Thumbtack, a billion-dollar online services platform. Swanson, a graduate of Yale University, worked for three years as an economic policy analyst for the White House before starting Thumbtack. Swanson brings expertise in the intersection of governance, economics, and technology to NeWay.​

Cesar Balmaseda 

Investment and Policy
Board Member

César Balmaseda  is a private investor with interests in the asset management, consumer electronics, industrial, software, and blockchain sectors. Previously, he was a director at NeWay, where he wore multiple hats in designing jurisdictional structures, setting corporate strategy, and managing operations. Prior to that he founded Alseus, a business development firm, and was involved in Spanish politics.