Many US citizens have come to realize that voting is not the most effective tool for enacting political change and are in search of more effective and impactful political action. One of the most effective ways to take a political or moral stance is to purchase from and invest in companies that share your values while divesting from those that fail to align with your beliefs.

Divest from places you dislike

In the 1990s, when apartheid was the talk of the globe, many large corporations took a very public and firm stance against the legislated separation of the races in South Africa that resembled Jim Crow in the US South. To try to shake the economy into its senses, many US investors and corporations pulled of all their money out of South Africa. Although economists argue about the fiscal effectiveness of this divestment, it is undeniable that the publicity and public shaming such divestments elicited was instrumental in South Africa’s decision to end the apartheid regime. Boycotts are a cousin of this tactic and have worked wonders in the media. From the Montgomery Bus Boycotts to modern boycotts of companies who fail to support the LGBTQ+ movement, boycotts and divestments say with money what words never could.

Put your money into your community

Countless studies have demonstrated that today’s young adults, despite their poor economic prospects, deep debt, and under employment, certainly don’t mind shelling out extra money to make sure their money ends up in places that align with their morals. From expensive coffees to farm-to-table ingredients in their foods, young adults’ budgets always find room to express their ideology. In addition to what people buy, where they buy it also makes an impact. An NPR story in the summer of 2017 noted that one effective and non-governmental way to help money concentrated in “rich” areas seep out is for shoppers to spend money in poorer areas. One of the most effective ways to alleviate poverty and improve the generalized prosperity of people in poorer regions of the globe is to simply spend more time and money in those areas. In this way, local entrepreneurs and economies can grow in a sustainable fashion apart from international aid.

Invest in places that share your values

Just as important as taking money out of bad places is putting your money into good places. Numerous apps and websites are aware that there is a growing demand among investors to know about the philosophies and environmental policies of the places their money is spent. So, to meet that demand, they attempt to match up investors with companies that keep morally similar policies. Places like Earthfolio and Grow keep details on companies’ earth friendliness and political sympathies so that users can make informed decisions about where their money goes.

I have always purposefully founded and worked with companies that support my philosophy of unlimited human potential and goal of poverty alleviation. To that end, our company, NeWay Capital, is a phenomenal place to invest for those who want to invest in alleviating poverty profitably and sustainably.To see an organization that is supported by NeWAY Capital and that is working to create a stable ladder out of poverty for Honduran nationals, visit the homepage for the Institute for Excellence.

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